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Swipe or Scan ID's
Swipe/Scan ID's from all U.S. State that have magnetic strip or 2D barcode (49 states). You can also choose your scanner hardware: magnetic strip scanning only, or magnetic strip & 2D barcode.
  Yes Yes
Share Data Between Multiple Devices
Data between multiple devices is automatically kept in sync via your BouncerOnline Account. This allows you to track your total occupancy across multiple entry locations using multiple BouncerApp devices. As guests enter/leave through any door, your overall guest count is kept in sync by BouncerOnline.
  No Yes
Age Verification
Verify that the age electronically encoded on a U.S. Driver’s License or State ID matches the age printed on the front of the ID. BouncerApp will automatically flag ID's where the age is less than the minimum age you specify.
  Yes Yes
Instant Scanning
No matter what you're doing with Bouncer, you can Swipe or Scan ID's at any time from anywhere in the App and you'll instantly be taken to the ID status screen.
  Yes Yes
Easy to Read Status Indicator
Status is instantly displayed when you scan or swipe an ID, giving you a quick indication of your guest’s entry status.

Color Coded Status:
  • Red: Underage, Expided ID, Invalid ID, Banned Person
  • Yellow: Re-entry with ID
  • Green: Valid ID and above the Minimum Age

  • Displays age and DOB in oversized font.

    Displays Guest Name, Gender, State, ID Number, Expiration Date and Physical Description.*
      Yes Yes
    Track Occupancy and Cover Charge Collection
    Track guests as they enter and leave to track you current guest count as compared to you legal occupancy. Gather statistics about your nightly guest count.

    — Large easy to read occupancy indicator. Know exactly how many guests are inside

    — Track re-entries
  • Track the number of unique guests versus re-entries
  • Calculate the number of unique guests and compare that to the door charge collected.

  • — Configure your occupancy limits
      Yes Yes
    Comprehensive Entry Data
    Search, sort and filter your Entry Data, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor compliance and find data including Re-entries, Expired ID's, Underage ID's and Un-scanned Entries (guests allowed in without an ID check)
      No Yes
    Comprehensive Demographic Data
    Sort and filter entry data by Age, Gender, State, Zip Code, etc.
      No Yes
    Manage Guest Lists
    Manage guest lists to alert your door staff when VIPs, Employees, Banned Customers, etc. are scanned. Guest Lists and notifications are completely configurable.
      No Yes
    Entry Status
    For each guest list, you can define an entry status for any guest on the list:
  • “Entry Allowed” [Green]
  • “Warn on Entry” [Yellow]
  • “Entry Denied” [Red]
  •   No Yes
    Alert Staff with Customer Status Messages
  • For any guest list, you can define a message that is displayed when an ID matched a member of a guest list.
  • This message can alert you to the status of this guest. For example:
  • –“VIP – Free Entry”
    –“Employee – Full Access”
    –“Banned – NO ENTRY”
      No Yes
    Match by ID or Name
    For any guest list, you can tell BouncerApp to find matches by ID, Name or both. Generate a report containing all members of a Guest List.
      No Yes
    Manage Guest Lists Online in Real Time
    Manage your guest lists without phone calls, paper guest lists, etc. Log into BouncerOnline and add someone to your guest list from any web browser – even from your phone.
      No Yes
    Export Data to Excel
    Export your entry data to MS Excel. Filter the data in BouncerOnline to export only the set of data that you’re interested in
      No Yes
    Charts and Graphs
    Display and print graphs showing vital business statistics, including Guest Counts, Demographic trends (age, gender, zip code, etc.)
      No Yes
    Most functions in BouncerApp are highly customizable. This allows you to use BouncerApp for almost any size, location or kind of event…even multiple venus.
    —Easily set Minimum Age limit and Occupancy Settings.
    —Choose between precise fault-tolerant slider controls or quicker button controls.
    —Data Retention:
    BouncerApp automatically records all the data present on an ID about your guests. Customize what information is retained and for how long.
    —Create multiple custom guest lists.
      Yes Yes
    Permanent Data Retention
    With BouncerOnline you can retain your data indefinitely.
      No Yes